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The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks, 192 pages, read by Angie, on 10/17/2012

The Indian in the CupboardOmri gets a plastic Indian from his friend Patrick for his birthday; he also gets and old cupboard from his brother and a key from his mom. Together these items make magic. When Omri puts the Indian in the cupboard and locks it the Indian comes alive. Suddenly he finds himself in possession of Little Bear an Iroquois brave who wants things had has to be taken care of. When Patrick finds out about Little Bear he wants his own and chaos ensues. Soon the boys realize that they have real people who were sucked from their real lives not toys in their possession. They realize the best thing to do is to send them back through the cupboard.

This little book was a fun read. It doesn’t really seem dated at all even though it is over 30 years old. Omri and Patrick act like real little boys who want what they want no matter the consequences. Their adventures with Little Bear and Boone are a little dangerous and a lot exciting. I really enjoyed how the boys differed in their reactions to the toys coming to life. Omri accepted the responsibility and Patrick was less cautious and more reckless with them. But in the end the boys make the right decision for everyone even if it isn’t the easiest.

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