23. June 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Thriller/Suspense, Tracy

The Grand Complication by Allen Kurzwell, 360 pages, read by Tracy, on 06/23/2012

This book is about the quirky habits people acquire because of their jobs or obsessions. List makers, collectors, bibliophiles, tattoos and memorizing the Dewey Decimal system. If you work in a library or spend a lot of time there you can relate to this book. Alexander Short is a reference librarian who is hired by Jesson, a man of means,  to help find The Grand Complication, a watch, so he can complete his collection. Alexander’s wife Nic tries to warn him off Jessen but he is hooked into the hunt. His boss doesn’t like him neglecting his reference duties and threatens to send him on a bookmobile trip through Amish country. My favorite part was the competition at the library called The Class Struggle. Employees are given a subject and must identify the Dewey Decimal number that it would be found under. Mr. Paradis, the janitor, sweeps the others under the rug. Gadgets and books fascinate most of the characters. The book fascinated me.

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