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The End of the Age by Pat Robertson, 374 pages, read by Janet, on 12/18/2012

     If you ever wonder what might happen when this stage of world life ends, this is the book to read.  Interestingly, many of the things mentioned seem to already be happening!  Every time I hear of a meteor heading toward the Earth I will wonder if it is the one to bring an end to things as we know them.  The one in this story landed in the Pacific Ocean near southern California.  The resulting waves wiped out a large part of the West Coast, countless islands, like Hawaii, caused huge damage to all ocean-lying areas all over the world, and, of course, sank most of the ships in the water.  Many water creatures were also killed.Volcanoes erupted and earthquakes were felt almost everywhere.  Many of the surviving people were withough any power, transportation, homes, or much food.

During this time, two societies developed.  One, led by the Devil’s advocate, Mark Beaulieu, who has unearthly powers and takes over the Oval Office.  He triess to squash his opponents in the Christian Resistance Movement, led by John Edwards.The clash at the end of the world is outstanding, and, thankfully, with a good outcome.

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