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The Demon Lover by Juliet Dark, 448 pages, read by Angie, on 12/07/2012

Callie has always had a fantasy friend. When she was a girl he visited her at night and told her stories. Callie has now taken a job at Fairwick College and her fantasy friend has become a fantasy lover. It turns out he is an incubus and Fairwick is full of more than just humans. There are witches and demons and fairies and vampires. And Callie isn’t just human either; she is a doorkeeper who can open the door between Fairy and the Human realms. Callie banishes the incubus, but then starts a romance with a new professor. But people on campus keep getting sick and it seems like someone or something is feeding off of them. Is the incubus back?

The premise of this book is pretty fun and I can see where Dark has set up this world for a series. However, there is almost too much going on in this book. You have the incubus and Callie’s relationship, then there is the thing feeding off the students and faculty, then there is the fact that there are all these supernatural beings at Fairwick, then there is Callie’s boyfriend, and Callie’s grandmother and to top it all off there is the story of the gates of Fairy. It is very busy and sometimes confusing. I found that I could guess where the story was going and who the characters actually were long before it was revealed. This made for a somewhat predictable plot. However, it was a little fun and a fairly decent paranormal romance.

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