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The Death Cure (Maze Runner #3) by James Dashner , 325 pages, read by Angie, on 01/23/2012

I have to admit that I was terribly disappointed by the finale of this series. I thought the Maze Runner was an amazing book but The Death Cure was a convoluted mess. There was so much going on and a lot of it did not make any sense. There are plot holes and there are things that contradict previous books.

For instance we are told that the solar flares cause the crank disease but it turns out that it is a virus released by the government. Why were we never told this? Did the kids not know this? You know one of the things about these types of books is that the science is sound. It might be creepy and go against everything you believe in but you can see a hint of truth in the science. I think that is my big problem with this book. The science behind the experiments just has no scientific basis. What true scientist would believe in what they are doing. I guess it never bothered me as much in the other two books because Dashner didn’t focus as much as the background behind why things were happening it was more focused on the now. And the now of things was pretty good and exciting (in a writing perscpective (for those involved it sucked). You basically have three populations left in the world: the people infected with the Flare and crazy (the cranks), the uninfected and those who will eventually become infected, and those who are immune. That’s it. That is your whole population. I get the idea of segregating the populations…that makes total sense scientifically. I even get why the immunes would be resented by the those uninfected. What I don’t get is why the scientist would take the immunes (who I would think would be a precious resource) and put them through horrible trials that kill over half of them in the hopes that they would find one perfect brain. That perfect brain then has all the pathways because of all the horrors it has survived in the Maze and the Scorch to create a cure for the Flare. Reallly? In what weird world does that make any kind of sense??? The books that have the twisty science that revolts you but you can see how it came about and how it can work is what makes these types of books work. This book just misses the mark because the science doesn’t work.

A lot of the characters also seem to just disappear in this book or are barely used at all when they were essential characters in previous books. Teresa, who was one of the main characters, seems to have become a side character or someone who is only there to piss Thomas off. A lot happens in this book, not all of it makes sense; a lot of questions are asked, not all of them are answered. I really wish this series would have ended on the high note that it began on. Although I really do like the end of the book. I wish they would have explored that option earlier on. I kept expecting another WICKED twist throughout the whole book and we did get one and a not unsatisfying one at that. Is this review as convoluted as the plot of this book…maybe? If you have read Maze Runner and Scorch Trials you will want to read this book to see how it all ends.

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  1. MRRL Staff says:

    Angie, I felt the same way. I had my hopes up so high and felt like there was so much potential for the end of this series. Alas….