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The Death Catchers by Jennifer Anne Kogler , 352 pages, read by Angie, on 07/19/2013

Lizzie is your normal girl; surviving high school, crushing on a cute boy, putting up with her crazy parents and grandma. Then one day the paper she is reading morphs into something else. It predicts the death of her best friend. Suddenly, Lizzie’s world is turned upside down. She learns she is a descendant of the Ladies of the Lake, the sisters charged with protecting Avalon and King Arthur. Her grandma Bizzy is also a Death Catcher. Because of their heritage they are shown the possible deaths of those they care about and it is up to them to stop it from happening. So Lizzie saves her friend fairly easily, but the next death is her crush and it turns out more is going on.

I thought this was a fun read. I like how the history of Arthur and Morgan le Faye was tied into Lizzie and Bizzie’s gift/curse. I wish their was more info on Drake’s legacy, but that may come up in another book. I enjoyed the fast pace and the mystery of this story. Bizzie especially is super entertaining…I loved her pearls throughout.

2013-14 Truman Award Nominee.

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