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The Cure for Everything:untangling twisted messages about health, fitness, and happiness by Timothy Caulfield., 234 pages, read by Claudia , on 04/13/2013

Caulfield’s book has been dubbed the Freaknomics of the health industry.  Like many women, my weight has always been an issue. I like to eat everything that is bad for you ( I like good stuff too) from fast food to donuts, and watch out if I don’t have my afternoon Coca-cola!  I’m not much of an exerciser and my genetic make-up is not playing in my favor.  I try my best….I’ve been a weight watcher, a slim faster, a sugar buster, a Jenny Craigster, just to name a few!  Caulfield’s book equally humorous and depressing.  Guess what?  There is NO magic diet!  Researcher Timothy Caulfield talks with experts in medicine, pharmaceuticals, health and fitness, and even tries out many of the health fads himself, in order to test their scientific validity, dispel the myths, and illuminate the path to better health.  His findings are simple: intense exercise is best; eating fewer calories, more fruits and veggies, and no junk is better than any fad diet; and that you need to be “skeptical, scientific, self-aware and patient” to decipher greed-fueled mixed messages from food, drug, and diet conglomerates. No one says it’s easy, Caulfied notes, but the truth never is.



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