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The Complete Peanuts, Vol. 14: 1977-1978 by Charles M. Schulz, 325 pages, read by Tammy, on 02/10/2012

As the 1970s wind down, the last two recurring Peanuts characters have fallen into place: Snoopy’s brother Spike and the youngest Van Pelt sibling, Rerun. Charlie Brown is found guilty by the EPA of biting the Kite-Eating tree, he goes on the lam and ends up coaching the “Goose Eggs,” a group of diminutive baseball players, Austin, Ruby, Leland, and Milo.

Also: a tennis-playing Snoopy ends up reluctantly teamed with the extreme Type “A” athlete Molly Volley… who then reappears later in the book. Add in Sally’s new camp friend Eudora,and a surprise repeat appearance by Linus’s sweetheart, Truffles

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