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The Complete Book of Ghosts by Paul Roland, 208 pages, read by Janet, on 10/30/2012

As the title says, this is about all ghosts, past and present, good and bad, easily seen and hidden.  They have been seen, heard, or felt by people of all ages, all over the world.  Some have been returning because something in their lives was not finished. Some want to pass on information to the living.  Some seem to just want to be noticed and perhaps frighten their audience.  Most people have noticed unusual situations, but try to ignore them or are reluctant to mention them to others.  The author brings up happenings from the Roman ages to the present that have been observed, smelled, or felt.  Sometimes it is a scene or group happening, such as a battle or alignment of soldiers, a disaster taking place, or a sad or happy gathering of people.  It seems that ghosts, or spirits, are all around us, noticed by some, but not all of us.  The author even gives the steps to take to put yourself into a state of mind to be more aware of the spirits (if you choose to do so).

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