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The Child's Child by Barbara Vine, 302 pages, read by Melody, on 02/11/2013

The Child’s Child is written by acclaimed British author Ruth Rendell writing as Barbara Vine.  It is a novel-within-a novel about society taboos and how very little that they change over time.  The framing story is about a modern brother-sister pair who co-habitat a house left to them.  The brother brings in his male lover who upsets their life together.  The interior novel is a book that is being edited by the sister about another brother-sister pair in the early 20th century who, after the girl finds herself pregnant out of wedlock, moves in with her homosexual brother and acts as his wife to allay society censure.  While the book itself is well written, I find the characters in The Child’s Child to be tragic yet somehow unlikable.   Blatant bigotry and violence mirrors the stories of both pairs of siblings throughout the book.  I was left unsure after finishing the book.  To be frank, I did not like it and yet it has very important things to say about society and it’s treatment of what it deems “undesirable”.

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