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The Case of the Bug on the Run by Martha Freeman, 144 pages, read by Angie, on 12/24/2013

The first daughters have a new pet. They have adopted a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach. There are also a lot of guests in the White House. When the cockroach goes missing for a few hours the girls know they have a new case. Who would take their new pet? What does the kidnapper want? And why would they return it with a bug to spy on them? Cammie and Tessa are on the case. They make a list of suspects and start their investigation. Will they figure it out before too much mischief is caused in the White House?

This is a good series for beginning chapter book readers. There is a lot of action and mystery and it is written at a level new readers can understand. I like the mix of mystery, humor and information in the book. The author includes a section on protesting at the White House to explain what that can accomplish since there are political protesters in the book. My only complaint is something that has been included in the entire series and one that probably doesn’t bother young readers. The kids always refer to “a nearby nation”. Not sure if it is Canada or Mexico or what, but I find it frustrating that they don’t just name the country.

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