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The Canterbury Tales by Adapted by Seymour Chwast from Geoffrey Chaucer, 143 pages, read by Tammy, on 06/21/2013

A graphic novel translation of the Canterbury Tales by Chaucer.

To pass the time on their way to Canterbury, England a group of pilgrims decide to tell each other tales as they travel along on their motorcycles. The visual joke of people in Middle English dress on motorcycles instead of horseback and on foot maybe the best laugh for those who are already familiar with the stories and it is the only way the story diverges from the original tales. It is an accessible updated retelling in modernĀ  English and a unique way to introduce new readers to the famous tales. Includes adult content and adult drawings. I missed the cadence of the original poetry but now know why we didn’t read all the stories in my college class. canterbury tales

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