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The Calling (Darkness Rising #2) by Kelley Armstrong, 326 pages, read by Angie, on 08/25/2012

The Calling picks up right were The Gathering ended. Maya and the gang are on the run from the Cabal and the forest fire. If you don’t remember the first book that is just too bad because there is no recapping in this book. There is a whole lot of nothing going on here. It seems like a fill-the-gap book. Armstrong wanted a trilogy and this is the filler book. The kids are running through the forest, escaping from the Cabal and doing the same thing over again. We don’t get a lot of character or plot development here. Sure some things are revealed but not a whole book’s worth. I know this series and the Darkest Powers one are going to meet up in the next book (Chloe’s group is mentioned in passing) but I feel like a lot of things are weaker replicas of what happened in the Darkest Powers book. I wish there were a few more differences in the plots because right now I am not sure I see the point of this series.

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