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The Boy Who Swam with Piranhas by David Almond, Oliver Jeffers (Illustrations), 256 pages, read by Angie, on 09/17/2013

Stanley Potts is an orphan living with his Aunt Annie and Uncle Eddie. Uncle Eddie goes off the deep end with a fish canning business in their house after he loses his job. Stan runs off with the fair to become a hook and duck man. He is adopted by Dostoevsky and Nitasha and becomes part of the fair. Then Pancho Pirelli offers to teach him how to swim with piranhas. This is a charming book that reminded me of Lemony Snicket and Roald Dahl in a way. The omniscient narrator gives us just enough details, but leaves things up to the reader to decide the ending. We have a villainous Clarence P. Clapp who is trying to get rid of all fishy things including our main characters. My one complaint would be the sections with Clapp and all the misspellings of words; it highlights how uneducated Clapp is, but makes it a bit hard to read. The book as a whole is all a bit silly, but fun.

I received a copy of this book from Netgalley.com.

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