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The Boy Recession by Flynn Meaney , 246 pages, read by Angie, on 11/07/2012

Whitefish Bay, Wisconsin is your typical small suburban town. Typical that is until most of the boys in the high school move away or transfer to other schools. Suddenly there is a definite lack of male companionship, girls are scrambling for boy’s attention and prom dates. Boys who would usually not have a chance are suddenly hot commodities because of the boy recession. Hunter is one such boy. He is a lazy slacker with no ambition other than sleeping. He and his friends hang out at the gas station and don’t do much at all. But now they are the center of attention; they are joining sports and the school play and being productive members of the high school population. Kelly is just your average girl who happens to have a crush on Hunter. But with the boy recession he is quickly taken and she doesn’t feel like she has a chance. What she doesn’t know is that Hunter likes her too. Now they just need to get together.

I thought The Boy Recession was a fun, light teenage romance novel. I really liked Hunter and Kelly and their friends. they all seemed like your typical teens. Sure there were extremes like entrepreneurial Eugene and the spandexers, but for the most part they could be kids in any high school only interested in the opposite sex, parties, school teams and themselves. I enjoyed the alternating narrators of Kelly and Hunter. I liked how their stories intertwined and the dual narrators was not jarring, but flowed well in the story. This is also a pretty clean book; little to no swearing, no sex or nudity. Sure they talk about the opposite sex and there is kissing and drinking but otherwise a very clean book.

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