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The Books of Magic by Neil Gaiman, 208 pages, read by Courtney, on 05/05/2013

I first remember encountering The Books of Magic sometime in the mid-’90s, when I was just starting high school. I had exactly one comic from the series that I read over and over when I ran out of Sandman to read. Flash forward many, many years later and here I am with the power to purchase graphic novels for my library. Ordering a new edition of Books of Magic? Total no-brainer.
At the age of 12, Timothy doesn’t believe in magic. Then he’s approached by some very strange and slightly sinister men who first turn his yoyo into an owl and then take turns showing magic and magicians at various points in time and space. In theory, Timothy will have a choice as to whether or not magic will be a part of his life, but it’s fairly clear that he may not have nearly as much control over the matter as he’d like to believe.
Fantastic artwork, coupled with Gaiman’s inimitable prose, makes for exceptionally good comic reading. Fans of the Sandman universe may also be pleased to see a few familiar faces along the way.

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