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The Book of the Night by Pearl North, 301 pages, read by Angie, on 02/22/2013

The Book of the Night is the final book in Pearl North’s trilogy. In this book the people of Libyrinth learns the true history of their world and how and why it was created. The Book of the Night has always been a legendary book in this world of books. When Haly finds the book it rocks the very foundation of their world. On the other side of the world Queen Thela has the Lion’s Bloom, the pen that can rewrite reality. Po is trying to keep her from using it, but eventually her ambition will get the better of her.

I love books about books and this world is a book lover’s dream. I would love to visit the library where every book in the world is available. I really enjoy this world and its characters. I think this is a fitting conclusion to the trilogy. We see how all the characters end up and find out what Libyrinth really is. I enjoy that this world is populated by a good mix of people: men and women of all stations of life and representing all populations. In this world everyone is represented equally even if they do not have an equal station in society. This series is definitely worth the read.

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