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Destined by P.C. Cast, read by Tammy, on 11/23/2012

Zoey is finally home at the House of Night in Tulsa. She along with Stark, Stevie Rae and Rephaim must now battle Neferet. Can they convince the High Counsel of Neferet’s true nature? What will become of Kalona now that he has separated from Neferet?

Other changes are taking place at the House of Night. Humans are being employed for the first time, including a handsome horse whisperer that haunts Lenobia and the mysterious young teen, Aurox. But is he really human? What is his destiny and how will affect Zoey and her friends?

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13 (Women of the Otherworld #13) by Kelley Armstrong , read by Angie, on 09/12/2012

Well this is the final book in this series and it goes out with a lot of action and appearances by all our favorite characters. 13 picks up right where Spell Bound left off. Savannah is still trying to get her powers back and the Supernatural Liberation Movement wants to infect people with a virus and out the supernaturals to the world. Of course, our valiant heroes must stop SLAM; so they all come together in one action packed sequence after another. We see Elena and Clay, Jeremy and Jaime, Hope and Karl, Savannah and Adam, Eve and Kristof, Lucas and Paige and a bunch of other random characters. The story is told through Savannah’s POV but there are chapters that allow some of the other voices to join in the storytelling.

I have really enjoyed this series since I read Bitten and am a little sad to see it end. However, I do admire authors who are able to actually end long running series. Do I think we will never see these characters again? Not really, I have a feeling they will pop up in Armstrong’s YA series or in future books.

As a finale to a series this wasn’t bad. We got to see and say goodbye to all our favorite characters even if they didn’t play a huge role in this book. I will admit that the changes in location and nonstop action sometimes got a little confusing; it seems like they rush from one disaster to another. However, it is a satisfying ending and everything seems to work out in the end. There are still loose threads though and room for Armstrong to revisit this world.

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Black Dawn (The Morganville Vampires #12) by Rachel Caine, read by Angie, on 09/07/2012

Black Dawn picks up right where Last Breath ended. Morganville is overrun by the draug (think water vampires) and our gang is hiding out in city hall with the vampires. Amelia has been bitten by the draug and is slowly changing into one. The town is in chaos and the gang has to figure out how to kill the draug once and for all.

I know there are more books coming in this series but this would have been a great place to end things. I am not sure what else this series can come up with. We have had bad humans, bad vampires and now the draug. But with three more books to go something else wicked this way comes I guess.

I am actually glad to have the draug storyline end since it wasn’t one of my favorites. And really this book was kind of a downer. It was just as action packed as others in the series but our characters didn’t seem quite as plucky. And I am not really sure how I feel about the changing POVs. I don’t mind one, two or even three characters narrating a book, but pretty much everyone except Amelia got a chapter here. I am not sure that was completely needed. Sure we got more story since we weren’t restricted to one POV but it was a little hard to keep track of everyone.

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The Strain (The Strain Trilogy #1) by Guillermo del Toro, Chuck Hogan , read by Angie, on 09/05/2012

The Strain makes vampires monsters again. They aren’t conflicted or sparkly or misunderstood. They are killing machines infected with the vampire virus and they want to take over the world. The entire time I was reading this book I kept thinking I was reading a tv miniseries. You can see Guillermo del Toro’s cinematic stamp all over this book from the transitions to the flashbacks. That isn’t necessarily a bad thing; I like tv miniseries. And this story was strangely compelling. A plane lands at JFK and is dead; no lights, no radio, no movement. All the people are dead too except for four survivors. The CDC is called in lead by Ephraim Goodweather. He is puzzled and concerned. Then he teams up with pawn shop owner Abraham Sekarian, your typical holocaust surviving, vampire slaying old man. Abraham introduces Ephraim to the world of vampires and vampire slaying. Sure he is skeptical but reality soon makes him a believer.

First the bad: even with the cinematic quality there was a lot of filler in this book and not story filler. I am talking about weird asides about rats and HAZMAT and the eclipse. They were boring and chopped up the storytelling and frankly made the book twice as long as it needed to be. There was also a lot of tell not show. We are told what characters are doing and feeling instead of seeing them do and feel it. Always weak storytelling. The characters are stereotypes and pretty thin. Ephraim is a recently divorced dad going through a custody battle. He didn’t want to break up his marriage and has rearranged his whole life to be with his son Zack. Of course mom is mad and not budging on anything. At one point he misses a custody session because of course he is in the middle of a horrible epidemic and the psychiatrist basically blows him off saying he lost his chances for custody. Really??? The epidemic is on the news and they can’t reschedule? Seriously?? Nora is partner is of course barely mentioned other than she is his partner and he had an affair with her. Then you have the middle part of the book which is basically people turning into vampires and Ephraim being confused…for a couple hundred pages! The pacing in this book is definitely off; a lot could have been trimmed and the book shortened. And what was up with the eclipse; it basically had no point in the story but went on for chapters.

The good: I liked the flashbacks to Abraham’s story. These were interesting, relevant and exciting. I liked Abraham as a character too. He was by far the most interesting one in the whole book. I actually liked the vampires; they are evil and nasty and just want to kill you. That is what vampires are supposed to do. I kind of enjoyed the different take on the vampire tale. They don’t bite you they have giant stingers that cut your throat and suck your blood. There are little worms that invade your body when attacked and transform you (kind of like cancer or a virus). I even liked the vampire/human partnership and the vampire politics (which we just glimpse and I assume are going to be much more relevant in the next book). That all made for some exciting reading; I just wish there wasn’t so much other crap getting in the way.

I didn’t hate this book, but it made me remember why I don’t read a lot of adult books. There is just too much crap in them. This book definitely could have used some editing down to fix the pacing and the length and the characters. But it reads like an exciting move of the week that just hasn’t been edited yet. With editing this could be must see tv.

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Black Dawn by Rachel Caine, read by Tammy, on 07/26/2012

Volume 12 in the Morganville vampires series, Black Dawn picks up right where the Last Breath ended with the Draug taking over Morganville. Draug, ancient water creatures that feed off the blood and life energy of vampires when they can and humans if they have to, have our band of young heroes, Clare, Eve, Michael and Shane trapped in the main hall of Morganville in the vampire stronghold with the vampires. Town founder and vampire queen Amelie has been infected by the Draug and is probably dying. A temporary truce is drawn between all the human and vampire factions as they work together to defeat or at least survive the Draug. Will Michael and Eve’s relationship survive? Will Shane survive at all? What about the vamps? And what happens to the town of Morganville and all the humans if Amelie dies and Oliver takes over or worse yet, Amelie’s power-hungry sister?

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The Reformed Vampire Support Group by Catherine Jinks, read by Tammy, on 07/10/2012

Think being a vampire would be cool? You’d be all powerful and beautiful? Not so, learns our teen narrator, Nina who was changed or “infected” as her support group calls it, at the age of 15, fifty-one years ago. She hasn’t changed much. Unfortunately, she wasn’t one of the popular glamorous girls to start with and her support group friends help her satisfy her bodies need for blood by growing their own furry food supply. But since it’s not human blood they are all physically weak. Nina attends the same support group meeting each week and is soooo bored until one of them is murdered and the others must try to solve the crime and prevent anyone else in the group being detected.

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Dragon's Oath by P. C. Cast, read by Tammy, on 07/03/2012

A novella from The House of Night series. It tells the story of how Dragon, swordmaster and teacher met his beloved while in school at the St. Louis House of Night in the late 1800s. Can’t say much more I’d give away too much of the story.

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Clockwork Prince by Clare, Cassandra., read by Kira, on 02/17/2012

City of Fallen AngelsThe saga of Clary and Simon and Jace and the rest continues.  Its nice to be back with the characters themselves.  Its nice to see Simon grow.   However, the book drags toward the end and reads starts to read like a romance.  Well my definition of a romance, where the protagonists are TOO STUPID to communicate and take risks with the person they like.  Well, here the protagonists’ behavior is too stupid to believe.  They continually run off without letting anyone else know – have you ever heard of teamwork?  You have characters leaving their beloved (brother, s.o., friend, etc) a character filled with self-loathing and suicidal thoughts on the top of the rooftop with a corpse – seriously?

Then the book ends in a cliff-hanger, well it seems more like the start of another book, like a teaser, but that could have been more clearly stated.

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Last Breath (Morganville Vampires # 11) by Rachel Caine, read by Tammy, on 01/30/2012

Last BreathBook 11 in the Morganville Vampire series. This one is a game changer. Whole new creatures to face that even scare the vampires and the end results will change the town and the main characters forever.