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Skin Game by Jim Butcher, 454 pages, read by Tammy, on 06/22/2014

skin gameOur intrepid hero, Harry Dresden, wizard of the White Council, Winter Knight of Mab’s court and former private detective in Chicago returns for another adventure. Mab promises his services to one of Harry’s arch-enemies to fulfill a promise so Harry has no choice but to go along and help him with a heist. Not just any heist. A holy relic from the vault of an ancient god, of course. Butters, Murphy and Michael all feature prominently in this tale too.


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Cold Days by Jim Butcher, 515 pages, read by Tammy, on 12/23/2012

Harry returns as the winter knight. As a knight of the winter court in service to the fairy queen, Mab, Harry gets his first assignment from Mab, but as always when dealing with the fairy court – nothing is exactly as it seems. Multiple powerful forces are manipulating events and manipulating Harry along with them.  Someone is also trying to blow up the island of Demonreach and Harry discovers the island’s true purpose. Of course, all the major events have a deadline for Harry to figure out what’s happening, midnight on his birthday, Halloween.

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Clockwork Prince by Clare, Cassandra., 424 pages, read by Kira, on 02/17/2012

City of Fallen AngelsThe saga of Clary and Simon and Jace and the rest continues.  Its nice to be back with the characters themselves.  Its nice to see Simon grow.   However, the book drags toward the end and reads starts to read like a romance.  Well my definition of a romance, where the protagonists are TOO STUPID to communicate and take risks with the person they like.  Well, here the protagonists’ behavior is too stupid to believe.  They continually run off without letting anyone else know – have you ever heard of teamwork?  You have characters leaving their beloved (brother, s.o., friend, etc) a character filled with self-loathing and suicidal thoughts on the top of the rooftop with a corpse – seriously?

Then the book ends in a cliff-hanger, well it seems more like the start of another book, like a teaser, but that could have been more clearly stated.

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Killing Rites: Book Four of the Black Sun's Daughter by Hanover, M. L. N., 367 pages, read by Kira, on 02/04/2012

Killing Rites
In this fourth book, Jayne (Zhanay) figures out that she is possessed by a demon, and decides to get it exorcised. All does Not go well with the exorcism as Hanover never takes the obvious plotline.  You get a little more information about who the demon is possessing Jayne, but Not much beyond the demons name, Sonnenrad.  More blurring between the lines of good and evil, as you’d expect.