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Lost States by Michael J. Trinklein, 160 pages, read by Janet, on 06/24/2012

These are true stories of Texlohoma, Transylvania, and other states that never made it.  They were wanted by many people for political reasons, environmental reasons, commercial reasons, and lots more, but all were turned down.  Some had strange names, like Absaroka (near the Dakotas, of course), Adelsverein (German Texas), Deseret (Morman land near the desert), Forgottonia, Nickajack, No Man’s Land, Rough and Ready, and Yazoo.  Some had names that were later used in a different area, like Washington (south of Lake Erie), Wyoming (between New York and Pennsylvania), and Minnesota (south of Dakota).  Some hopeful states had  names that stayed as cities, such as Boston, Chicago, Lincoln (now Idaho and part of Washington), and New York City (as a city, it couldn’t be a state).  Some were actually in other countries, such as Albania, Cuba, Greenland, Iceland, Newfoundland, Panama, Puerto Rico, Sicily, and Taiwan – useful locations, but far away and difficult to protect, even though many of the people there wanted to become part of the United States.  If they all made it, I wonder what our flag would look like!