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Bad Unicorn by Platte F. Clark, 423 pages, read by Eric, on 04/19/2014

Princess is a bad unicorn. That’s why she is called the Destroyer. When unicorns are bad, entire worlds tremble at the thought of the carnage to come. Accompanied (reluctantly) by Magar, her wizard, Princess is crossing worlds and time in order to track down the Codex of Infinite Knowability, give it to an evil sorcerer, and eat Max. Max is a rather geeky human middle-schooler, completely unaware that he is a descendant of the greatest wizard of all time. Soon, thanks the Codex, which only he seems able to read, his lineage is revealed, and Max, his friends, and a cranky dwarf are in training with frobbits on a future world, preparing to face down Princess. It all makes sense, right?

Obviously inspired by the likes of Terry Pratchett and Douglas Adams, Platte F. Clark starts his humorous fantasy trilogy with a bang (and possibly a large belch). There are several groan-worthy moments when the jokes fall flat, but otherwise, I can’t imagine why middle school readers wouldn’t eat this up. Peppered throughout the book are excerpts from the Codex, one of which (concerning screaming trees and druids) makes it all worth while on its own. Onward to Fluff Dragon!