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Deadpool Kills Deadpool by Cullenn Bunn, 96 pages, read by Brian, on 10/02/2014

deadDeadpool is one of my favorite sarcastic super people ever.  If you think Spider-Man has a  mouth on him, not even close to Deadpool.  Deadpool needs to rid the World of all things bad and in this installment, he sets target at himself.


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Knight and Squire by Paul Cornell, 160 pages, read by Brian, on 10/01/2012

Have you ever wondered what Batman and Robin would be like British?  Even if you haven’t, this is a good graphic novel for you.  Knight and Squire is about the British version of Batman and Robin and the villains they battle.  In this particular tale, villains and heroes meet at a secret bar to talk about old times.  The bar has a magical barrier which keeps the peace between the foes but what would happen if the magic disappeared……read and find out.