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The Girl of Fire and Thorns by Rae Carson, read by Angie, on 12/03/2013

There is something about this books that really sucks you in. I love the story of Elisa the reluctant princess with the godstone in her belly who becomes the symbol of a revolution and its leader. This is a coming of age story; a story about a girl who becomes the woman she was meant to be. It is not an easy journey for Elisa, but she endures, she perseveres and she triumphs.

I love the fact that Elisa is not your typical heroine. For one thing she is fat. There is never a fat princess main character in teen books. She is fat and she really doesn’t care in this book. She likes food and she eats it. She isn’t really happy with her body but she doesn’t bemoan the fact that she is fat. She is who she is. Sure she eventually slims down, but that is because of the lifestyle she comes to lead. She is forced to become a different person than the pampered princess who she started out as. I think her journey is amazing. She grows so much in this book. You can see the changes in her and those around her as her circumstances change.

I like that Carson is also not afraid to make hard decisions in her writing. She kills main characters, she makes people have questionable motives, she makes us as readers ask questions, and she makes her central plot all about religion. This may turn some people off, but it is essential to the story. This is a book that revolves around a religion. Elisa is the bearer of the godstone which means she is connected to God. Even though the plot is religious it doesn’t get heavy handed or preachy. It is just part of the plot which I appreciate.

I also appreciate that even though this is part of a planned trilogy this book can stand on its own. It ends in a good place and really doesn’t need more books if you don’t want to read more about this world. However, the rest of the series is just as amazing and you won’t want to miss it. Rae Carson has created a world and a heroine you can truly root for. She is as badass as Katniss with just a little bit more emotional depth. She is proactive and smart and brave and you believe she can lead a rebellion or become a queen.

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Scent of Magic by Maria V. Snyder, read by Kira, on 12/01/2013

scentmg scntmg A continuation of the title Touch of Power.  Avry believed to be dead by everyone, sneaks into Estrid’s army and trains them in stealth moves.  We also get Kerrick’s point of view (for better or for worse – I often suspect authors of padding their pages when they insert another POV).  It was exciting, though I really wanted to follow only one storyline, and then come back to the other plotline. scentofmagicAnother enjoyable read!

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Touch of Power by Maria V. Snyder, read by Kira, on 11/18/2013

Maria Snyder crafts almost perfect fantasy novels featuring strong female protagonists.

Avry of Kazan is one of the last healers alive in the lands, she has been moving from town to town attempting to hide her gift because the healers have been blamed for spreading the devastating plague.  Healers work by absorbing the injuries into their own bodies, but then healing 5 times more quickly.

Marauders and despots have followed in the wake of the devastation.  Prince Ryne appears to be the only king capable of taking on the nefarious evil-doers.  Unfortunately, he has contracted the plague, but is in frozen stasis, in case a healer can be found.  Prince

Touch of Powerx-large

a touch of power

Kerrick is searching for a healer to bring Ryne back to life.

tch portouchofpowertitle

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Insurgent by Veronica Roth, read by Kira, on 11/12/2013



I enjoyed parts of this book immensely – however, the romance aspect of “oh, I couldn’t possibly be honest with him” drove me nuts.  But the action was uptempo like Divergent, and the ending was good.  I was told it was a cliffhanger, but I thought it was a good ending – everybody wound up where they should be, but new things were going to happen next!  Can’t wait to read the next one.

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The Witch's Daughter by Paula Brackston, read by Kira, on 10/11/2013

Bess starts off life in the 16th century, her happy peasant family life is disrupted when plague breaks out.  After her older brother, her sweet sister, and father die of the plague, Bess’ Mom makes a deal with the local and evil warlock Gideon, which brings Bess back from the door of death.  Then a witchhunter is called and accuses Bess of witchcraft, since she survived the plague, her mother confesses in order to spare her daughter and directs her daughter to study with Gideon.    But when the town comes for her and plan to burn her the next day, she speaks invocation by the light of her cell windows. wit cautrwitch daughterThe_Witchs_Daughter_Poland   300 years later she is still on the run from Gideon, who wants her to combine their powers.  She is able to settle down for brief periods before he tracks her down.

Paula Brackston’s books are so captivating.  I can’t wait for her next book in 2014, The Midnight Witch.  Make sure you have plenty of time to read, because her books are hard to put down.  This book was originally released as the Book of Shadows in 2009.

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Divergent by Veronica Roth, read by Kira, on 09/09/2013

Enthralling and Exciting.  I did Not want to put this down.  And the book stayed with me for days afterwards.

It also reminded me of several other books – the initiation and bullying kept reminding me of Ender’s Game, and The Giver, as well as somewhat like Tamora Pierce’s Alana series (and also Tom Brown’s Schooldays, and Lord of the Flies, but Not that bad).  I enjoyed this book a lot, and look forward to the 2nd and 3rd books.  I’m even considering purchasing Amazon’s companion minibooks told from Four’s perspective – and normally, I don’t buy books, I keep my collection at the Library.

DivergentFactionsdivergent junpdivergDIVERGENT

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Seraphina by Rachel Hartman., read by Kira, on 08/30/2013

seraphnaseraphinacover serrafinasrafinaserafina This is a delightful tale set in a world, where both Dragons and Humans are chaffing under the peace treaty they signed 40 years ago.  Before that, they were at war fighting over the dragons’ hunting grounds.

Seraphina is born into this conflicted empire trying to make her way.


Fast paced and great atmosphere!  I really enjoyed this book.

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The Dark Mirror. by Juliet Marillier, read by Kira, on 08/25/2013

the-dark-mirror  Bridei, is taken from his family at age 4 to live with the Pictish druid Briochan, a strict taskmaster.  His education starts at dawn, and ends late into the evening; what he is being educated to be he does Not know, and doesn’t get an answer when he asks.  A fairy infant is left on their doorstep one auspicious night when Briochan is away on travels.bridei__tuala_the_dark_mirror

Bridei names the infant Tuala, and they become close friends.  When Briochan returns, against his better judgement he lets Tuala stay, but makes it clear to her that any mistep, will result in her banishment.


This was a very engaging story – {though the first chapter was a little slow}.  I very much enjoyed the tale, and can’t wait to read the next title in the series.

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Flight behavior : a novel by Barbara Kingsolver., read by Kira, on 08/03/2013

Barbarflight bwaviora Kingsolver presents an engaging story of a young woman named Delarobia stuck in a hopeless marriage in rural Tenessee.  By getting us to identify with the rural protagonist (or at least see the world through her eyes)  Kingsolver challenges our stereotypes of rural Americans.  By focusing on the plight of the Monarch butterflies, Kingsolver addresses global climate flight beavrioschange (climate weirding) as well asflight behav issues of rural poverty.Kingsolver-photo1  I loved the way she wove together several themes, that all tied together, the sheep, the kinship ties, the weather, web 2.0 the butterflies, etc.

I also LOVED the medium twists and surprises.  I highly recommend this title!

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The Demon's Librarian by Lilith Saintcrow, read by Kira, on 08/04/2013

Head Librarian, Francesca Barnes, has discovered a treasure cache of sorcery books in a secret room in the sub-basement of the old city library.  When a monster starts attacking cats and then children, she uses the knowledge to track down and kill the beast.

This alerts the evil ones to the growing presence of a new gifted “Golden One” coming into her powers.  Ryan, and his keeper Paul of the Order (the good side), are trying to track down this cache of books.  Since Ryan is half-demon/half man, lacking a soul, he cannot trust himself around women, and especially not around sorceresses.

However, his hdemon's librarianorn-dog handler/keeper Paul takes off on a false lead, because this other woman is good looking and Ryan ends up investigating Chess (Francesca), keeping tabs on her,  rescuing her, and before its too late, he is hooked/imprinted on Francesca.

This book was a quick enjoyable read, nothing taxing or extraordinary.

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Written in Red. by Anne Bishop, read by Kira, on 08/03/2013

writ redI was tempted to stay home and use a personal day to finish reading this book (but I did NOT), I did end up staying awake late into the night/morning though.

All Things Urban Fantasy said “Written in Red isn’t just the best urban fantasy of the year, it may be one of the best ever.”

It is a captivating tale of a young woman escaping enslavement and finding a new community composed of Others (werewolves, werebears, vampires, medusa, werecrows) aka terra indigenous who live bordering humans, and tolerating them.  The humans come with an attitude of superiority akin to the Europeans confronting the Native Americans, however, in this world the Humans do Not hold the upper hand, just the arrogance.

cs759, names herself, Meg Corbyn – she is a blood prophet or Cassandra Sangue – and is kept locked up to be cut for her prophecies which pay her Controllers big bucks, thus when she escapes they will want her back. written-in-red Great characters, world-building, and fast paced.



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The Winter Witch by Paula Brackston, read by Kira, on 07/08/2013

winter witch

Morgana’s mother arranges a marriage for her with a drover from a couple villages over in part to keep her away from the suspicious locals and partly because the mother is dying.  Morgana, mute, is not entirely certain what to make of her gentle husband Cai, nor is he certain what he got himself into.  Unbeknownst to them, there is a black witch in town who covets their keep.  Morgana must come into her full witchly powers to save her home and husband.

Beautiful deblue winter witchscriptions of the Welsh landscape, and a love-story form the backdrop for this paranormal tale.  I liked the atmosphere of the book, almost as much of a character as the protagonists.


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Caddie Woodlawn by Carol Ryrie Brink, read by Kira, on 05/14/2013


Tom-boy Caddie Woodlawn, is growing up on the froncaddytier in Wisconsin.

I really empathized with Caddie, when her Mom punished her harshly, but Not her brothers, because “she was a girl and should have known better”.  However, her father punishes the boys.

I liked the fact that when Caddie starts doing more domestic activities, that her brothers follow her, because they’re pals.


The author tells more and shows less, leading to a quaint, less accessible read.  The story got better as it progressed.

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A Lady Awakened by Cecilia Grant, read by Kira, on 05/06/2013


Booklist: Starred Review!

This was a fun read!  Unlike most romances where the relationship between the two protagonists is plagued by misunderstandings, and self-doubt.  It is also an unusual romance novel in that the woman propositions the man.  Martha, just widowed, needs to conceive an heir, within the next month, or the country estate falls to her rapist brother-in-law.  Martha is a practical do-gooder.  The rake that she hires to “give” her an heir, Theo, was exiled from London to the country by his father, for being a lay-about, money spender.

Both of them learn to be better people, Theo learns to take an interest in his estate, and start caring for people.  Martha learns to let her hair down a bit, and get to know her neighbors as real human beings, Not charity cases.

There is humor and awkward sex.  3 out of 4 hot chilli peppers, as far as spiciness goes.

This book was recommended to me, by experts at the Reader’s Advisory Workshop I attended.

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Fallen Rogue by Amy Rench, read by Kira, on 04/30/2013

Harper Kane Olympic Swimmer gets caught up shady government operations, when her microbiologist brother Bobby is killed after he develops a serum that gives people psi-onic powers.  Now the government that funded these experiments wants her dead, and they send in their best op Rome Lucian.  Unfortunately, for the government, Rome realizes something is fishy, and decides to aid Harper.

TFallen Roguehis was a fun quick read.  However, the plotting could be more credible, with less coincidences.  Like why would Bobby be shot, the very day, the very minute, Harper arrives for a visit?

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The Winter Witch by Paula Brackston, read by Kim, on 03/26/2013

This was a pretty good little story. Although the ending was predictable, it was different in that the main character, Morgana, cannot speak, so the reader is privy to her thoughts. The middle part of the book is a little drawn out but for the most part it is fast reading.

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Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey , read by Angie, on 03/23/2013

Tess has lived her entire life outside of Dragonswood. She has endured an abusive father and the deaths of her sisters and brothers. Tess has always been drawn to Dragonswood, the sanctuary for fey and dragons on Wilde Isle. This pull gets her in trouble when Lady Adele comes to town looking for witches. Tess is accused and tortured. During torture she names her two best friends, Poppy and Meg. Tess escapes and brings Poppy and Meg with her into hiding. They travel the isle disguised as lepers until they find sanctuary with Garth, a huntsman and keeper of Dragonswood. Garth is mysterious and Tess is drawn to him. Poppy and Tess are both drawn to Dragonswood and eventually find themselves with Fey.

There is a prophecy regarding human, dragon and fey. The blending of the three will bring about a new time. They believe the prophecy refers to the current prince and a half-fey girl. The royal family, the Pendragons, are descendants of dragons, each bearing scales as the mark of their heritage. The fey want to entice Prince Arden to marry one of the half-fey girls and bring about the prophecy.

This is a lovely historical fantasy novel. Janet Lee Carey writes beautifully and makes Wilde Isle and Dragonswood come to life. I love the mix of fiction and myth with the inclusion of parts of the Arthur story and Merlin. I assume that Wilde Isle is an island off England, but independent of that country. Tess is an interesting character. She doesn’t seem like she would be historically accurate, way to independent minded, but she is brave and smart and fallible. I admire the fact that she isn’t a perfect heroine. She betrays her friends, she makes judgments about people and situations, but she always tries to do what is right. I also like the relationship between Garth and Tess. You knew there was something mysterious about him and I enjoyed the way his secret came out. This is a fun book and I will definitely be checking out the other book in this series, Dragon’s Keep.

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Kat, Incorrigible by Stephanie Burgis , read by Angie, on 03/12/2013

Kat Stevenson is bound and determined to save her family, mostly from themselves. She is the youngest of the clan. Her eldest sister Elissa and her middle sister Angeline don’t always see the wisdom of Kat; they are too involved in their own lives and their romances. Elissa is set to marry a horrible old man who killed his first wife (or so the gossips claim) and all because their brother Charles has gambled away the family fortune (what little there was to begin with). Angeline has started dabbling in magic and love spells to comic results. Their poor stepmamma is bound and determined to make good matches for the girls and to make sure no magic occurs. Their mama was a known witch which caused quite the stir as a clergyman’s wife. It turns out Angeline is not the only one to inherit their mother’s talent. Kat too has found she has magical powers and not just witchcraft. She learns her mother and now she is a member of a magical group called The Guardians and they frown on regular witchcraft. Things come to a head at a house party when a highwayman appears, plots are uncovered and secrets revealed.

I must say that Kat is a delight. I really enjoyed her mischief and her relationships with her sisters. As someone who has two sisters I definitely recognized the behaviors of the sisters. They can fight and squabble among themselves, but to the outside world they are a united front. I loved the way Elissa looked down on Kat and just sees her as the baby of the family. I also really appreciated the jealousy between Angeline and Kat regarding the use of magic; very typical sisterly behavior. This is definitely a fun series to watch.

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Poison by Bridget Zinn, read by Angie, on 03/02/2013

Kyra is on the run. She tried to assassinate the princess and failed. Kyra is a master of potions and poisons. She had a thriving business with two other potion masters and was best friends with the princess. Then she had a vision of the land dying because of the princess and knew she had to be stopped. Only Kyra failed and now she has to find the princess and make sure she doesn’t destroy their home. She enlists the help of a notorious criminal who gives her a tracking pig. With Rosie’s (the pig) help Kyra must find the princess. Along the way she comes across Fred and his dog Langley and can’t seem to get away from them.

This was a fun, fast read. I love Kyra as a character; she is strong, smart and brave and she is a little stubborn. She is on a mission and nothing is going to stop her. I really enjoyed the romance with Fred. It wasn’t the central plot of the book, but it was nice and fun and they are really cute. I thought the mystery plot with the princess and the criminal Arlo was a good one and intriguing. I also loved the twist of Kyra’s background; I definitely didn’t see that one coming.

This free galley was provided by the publisher on Netgalley.com.

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The Mage's Daughter by Lynn Kurland, read by Kira, on 02/21/2013

Mage's Daughter

The adventures of Morgan and Miach continue as they search for the source of the evil  that is flooding the land and then for the means to defeat this evil.  Miach enters the Weger’s tower where Morgan has fled in order to avoid any magic (the tower is a magic sink).  Miach attempts to convince Morgan to join him in the outer world.  Then  they journey to Torr Dorrain to meet with her elven grandparents who thought her dead.  Afterwards Miach attempts to sneak off to take care of nasty evil by himself, sparing others the vile danger.  Morgan hates being left behind, and eventually turns the tables on Miach,  by sneaking off herself to close the well of Gair.  Finally, Miach and Morgan pledge to Not sneak off but to involve their partner.

I really like the value given to libraries in this series.  Almost every castle/fortress has a library, that has access to valuable information, in the form of history or spells, etc.  When Miach bests the evil mage Droch at a challenge he claims his reward as 1 hour free reign in the library.  Another time the 2 sneak over the walls of a fortress, not to steal some jewels or a magic sword, nay, but to gain access to the LIBRARY!swords crossed