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Travel Photography: A Guide to Taking Better Pictures by Richard I'Anson, Lonely Planet, 264 pages, read by Brian, on 10/01/2014

travelIf you like to travel and take really good photographs at the same time, then Travel Photography is a book you might enjoy.  The instruction is very helpful and the pictures are very cool.


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Nightmares in the Sky: Gargoyles and Grotesques by Stephen King and f-stop Fitzgerald, 128 pages, read by Brian, on 07/10/2014

nightThis book, Nightmares in the Sky, is a fascinating look at the gargoyles looking over us every day keeping the evil out of our buildings.  It’s amazing their beauty and mystique.


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50 Years of Making Memories: Silver Dollar City 1960-2010 by Jan Peterson, 128 pages, read by Tammy, on 03/10/2013

This is mainly a photo collection of the history of theme park, Silver Dollar City and Marvel Cave starting with the cave’s discovery. The photos also feature the theme park’s festivals, craftsman and visitors having fun in the park. It was a fun read for me, since I first went to Silver Dollar City as a sophomore in high school with my aunt and uncle, then when in college Branson was only an hour away so it was a great get-away spot for a day of fun with friends. So, the area holds lots of good memories for me.


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The Life and Love of Cats by Lewis Blackwell , 213 pages, read by Tammy, on 10/13/2012

Coffee table book with huge beautiful photos of cats and kittens including close ups of eyes, tails, noses etc., whatever will relate to the writing on the accompanying page. The history of cats from recorded history forward is discussed and all sorts of writing and thoughts about cats and living with cats.

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The Cat's Pajamas: 101 of the World's Cutest Cats by Rachael Hale, 223 pages, read by Tammy, on 10/12/2012

A beautiful collection of photographs of all different kinds of cats and kittens with short descriptions of the history of the breed including more recent American cat breeds. Also has quotes about cats and cat-owners and of course photos of cats in cute poses.

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Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs, 352 pages, read by Tammy, on 07/24/2012

One teen’s search to discover the truth about his family heritage from all the stories his grandfather told and really to find his place in the world and where he belongs. A time-traveling story with bits of historical fiction set in World War II and the present at the same time about humans gifted with special abilities and the creatures that are trying to find and destroy them. I enjoyed the story and the mystery but the most unique thing about the book was the antique photos used by the author throughout the story instead of illustrations that show weird camera affects, special tweaking in the dark room or perhaps humans with special abilities – that is for you to decide. A truly unique coming of age story.