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Crispin, The Cross of Lead by Avi, 262 pages, read by Janet, on 05/14/2013

Crispin  This is a great adventure story of a boy living in the English fourteenth-century countryside whose parents died and not only was he on his own, but accused of a crime and labeled a “wolf’s head” – making him open to death by anyone.  The very large magician, Bear, adopted him and taught him to think for himself.  As they travel through the countryside Bear also teaches Crispin how to defend himself, which will be very necessary when he has to save Bear’s life and his own.

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A Gathering of Days, A New England Girl's Journal, 1830-32 by Joan W. Blos, 144 pages, read by Janet, on 05/13/2013

A Gathering of Days    This is a very interesting diary by a thirteen year old girl (Catherine Hall), living on a farm in New Hampshire during the 1830’s.  Her mother died of fever so she is taking care of her younger sister, Mary Martha, and her father, Charles.  She goes to the little one-room school in the winter and has one friend, Cassie, who doesn’t live too far away to visit.  There is an uprising of black slaves in the south, so when she lost her school book one day and it had a message in it when returned a few days later, she guessed who had taken it.  Being winter, the message asked for food and something to keep the person warm.  She took one of her mother’s old quilts, wrapped it around some food, and left it in the woods so her dad wouldn’t see it.  It did dissapear.  Her father remarried and it took awhile to get used to her new mother and brother, but all worked out well.  The difference in life style and communities then, compared to now is quite unique.