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Labor Day by Joyce Maynard, 244 pages, read by Kristin, on 07/13/2013

An escaped convict enlists the help of a mentally unstable woman and her 13 year old son to help him evade law enforcement over the Labor Day holiday.  During those six days, the man and woman fall in love and the make a plan for the family to escape to Canada.  The story, told from the view of the boy, has as much to do with him coming of age as it does with the relationship between mother and convict.

I found the story engaging (enough so that I read the book in two sittings) although the whole time I was reading, I kept thinking that the plot was completely unbelieveable.  Who in their right mind would willingly allow a convict into her home, live with him for 6 days, then make plans to run away together?  But, then again, I’m neither super adventurous nor diagnosed as mentally ill.  That could be the difference.

The movie, based on the book, will be released on December 25th and stars Kate Winslet and Josh Brolin.