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Standing in the Rainbow by Fannie Flagg, 804 pages, read by Kira, on 09/27/2013

standingrainbstandrainbow  A slice of Americana, specifically here in Missouri. Flagg tells her story through multiple vignettes.  Its a charming story of small-town America, of radio announcer Neighbor Dorothy, and her family and neighbors.  Next time someone asks for a gentle read, I need to remember Fannie Flagg, though there are some sad parts 80% of the way through.   Its an engaging stanrnbowstndrnbfannieread.

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Clair de Lune by Jetta Carleton, 276 pages, read by Tammy, on 04/29/2012

A long-lost novel of innocence threatened, by the author of the beloved classic The Moonflower Vine. Found after her death.

This novel is set in 1941 prior to America’s entry into WWI at a southwest Missouri junior college. The author takes a note or two from her own life and writes about a young single woman teaching English in Missouri but yearning for a writing career in New York City. Allen Liles has taken a job as a junior college teacher in a small town, although she dreams of living in New York City. She has always done what was expected of her by her family and by society. Then she meets two young men: George, a lanky, carefree spirit, and Toby, a dark-haired, searching soul with a wary look in his eyes. Soon the three strike up an after-school friendship, bantering and debating over letters, ethics, and philosophy, enjoying current music such as Debussy’s Clair de Lune.  Everything is innocent at first, but soon develops into a giddy flirtation,  despite the rules of teacher conduct especially for a young female teacher with her own apartment off campus. Will Allen follow her heart or conform to everyone’s expectations of her?

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The Moonflower Vine by Jetta Carleton, 318 pages, read by Tammy, on 01/04/2012

moonflower vineBeautifully written story of a family set in rural Missouri. Thanks for the suggestion Claudia!

This is the summary from the publisher’s website but I couldn’t describe it or summarize the story any better.

On a farm in western Missouri during the first half of the twentieth century, Matthew and Callie Soames create a life for themselves and raise four headstrong daughters. Jessica will break their hearts. Leonie will fall in love with the wrong man. Mary Jo will escape to New York. And wild child Mathy’s fate will be the family’s greatest tragedy. Over the decades they will love, deceive, comfort, forgive—and, ultimately, they will come to cherish all the more fiercely the bonds of love that hold the family together.