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Blueboy by George Pica, 461 pages, read by Tammy, on 09/25/2013

blueboyThis detective novel set in 1964 Tacoma, Washington introduces the reader to Tacoma Police Captain Thomas Gaston. He is the chief of detectives and a war veteran returned home. It’s been a rough year. He’s separated from his wife and living with his dad. A childhood friend has been murdered. Then he is charged with helping to bomb his favorite watering hole ten years ago and the charges just keep piling on. He has been stripped of command of the TPD’s detective bureau and replaced by his best friend. His new “office” under the stairs is shared with one of the janitors. Just when he thinks it can’t get any worse his father has a stroke.  Two shadowy figures may be trying to kill him and all his friends and family. Who really killed his friend? Is it related to the bombing he’s being set-up for? In spite of the cover art the book is a hard-boiled detective novel. Nothing in the book is fantasy or horror.

Written by a Missouri author. : )