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Words of gratitude for mind, body, and soul by Emmons, Robert, & Joanna Hill, 105 pages, read by Kira, on 03/28/2012

gratitudeThis is a brief book mostly filled with proverbs, holy verses, on being grateful, on being thankful, for everything even the bad, awful things.  Ok, so I can see where having a lame foot, is better than having no foot at all, and where one could express gratitude for that, but I’m opposed to being grateful for things like rape, war, bullying.  Your bodily scars are NOT stronger places – they are weak points, your skin is less likely to heal from further injuries – an analogy (Alice Walker, I believe).

It had a little bit of research on gratitude studies – which I liked but they didn’t clearly explain all of the result outcomes.

I didn’t like the male dominated language (generic pronoun, as well as deity pronoun) – the social sciences don’t permit this type of discriminatory language any more (because of scientific research).  Also, since it was cataloged as a 153, it should be predominantly a psychology, self-help book, but it had far more religious material/theology than I’d expected, probably should have been a 200.