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The Mighty Miss Malone by Christopher Paul Curtis, 320 pages, read by Angie, on 02/14/2013

Deza Malone is the Might Miss Malone. She is the youngest Malone. Her father and mother and big brother Jimmie make up the rest of the family. Deza is smart and precocious and very verbose. She loves her dictionary and thesaurus as if they were her best friends. She gets all As in school and is the top of her class. But things are going so well for the Malones. Papa has lost his job and is then hurt in a boating accident. Jimmie has stopped growing and Deza’s teeth are rotting in her mouth. Papa decides he has to go find work elsewhere and heads to Flint, Michigan. The rest of the family stays behind until they are evicted from their house. Then it is time for them to hit the road too. They end up in a shantytown in Flint looking for a home and work.

This is a great historical story for kids. It very accurately portrays life during the Great Depression. I like that the reader is introduced to shanty towns and train hopping, speakeasys and racism all through the wonderful narrative of this story. Deza is an interesting character. She is super confident in herself at the beginning of the book but throughout all the trials and tribulations she learns who she really is and who her family is.