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The king & the thrush:tales of goodness and greed by Jennings, Tim and Leanne Ponder, 88 pages, read by Kira, on 03/30/2012

This is a brief compilation of folktales.  The two storytellers use overlapping delivery, crisp dialogue, as well as songs and instrumentals to enliven their stories.  I liked the fact that these stories were new, not just old folktales rehashed where you could guess the ending.  The audio production had too wide of a range in volume with bursts of loudness, so I found myself, reaching over to turn the sound down to save my ears and then turning it back up (minor complaint).

Our nonfiction challenge this month has me exploring some material that I might otherwise never have tried, I’m enjoying it.

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Homegrown in the Ozarks: Mountain Meals and Memories by Rolland Love, 241 pages, read by Tammy, on 01/10/2012

Homegrown in the OzarksGood, basic homemade recipes that remind me of when I was a child and the dinners at my grandma’s and my great aunts’ homes. Also meals with my Aunt Ruth and Uncle Jack who hunted all the time and I was never sure what critter the meat really came from. I decided early on it was better not to ask.

Also fun Ozark mountain trivia and folklore scattered throughout the book too. And don’t skip the recipe for skunk. Seriously.