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Downton Tabby by Chris Kelly, 80 pages, read by Tammy, on 07/02/2014

For cat lovers who also like Downton Abbey. Some of the text is related just to cats but if you’ve watched the show you’ll get the inside fan jokes too. downton tabby

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The Real Life Downton Abbey by Jacky Hyams, 239 pages, read by Tammy, on 04/15/2013

real life downtonThis was a fun, informative book. Great for all Downton Abbey fans. It is written by a British author so occasionally a British term or two. Each chapter covers a different section of life in a wealthy home usually starting with how the lord and lady and their family were expected to behave then the upper servants down to the lowly kitchen maid, poor Daisy.

upstairs & downstairsThis illustrated book takes you on a guided tour of a single day in an wealthy English home of the Edwardian era. Starting with the servants hard at work while the family is still asleep in their beds, and ending with a lavish dinner party, this book includes accounts from actual masters and servants. It also contains feature pages on famous figures like Winston Churchill and Virginia Woolf and their comments about their home life and their servants.