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Pronto by Elmore Leonard, 265 pages, read by Tammy, on 04/02/2012

This is the first novel featuring U.S. Marshall Raylon Givens on his first assignment in Florida since he taught marksmanship at the marshall’s training facility. He’s bringing in a bookie who could be a good witness against some mafia members, but Harry slips away and tries to run to Italy to a town he is nostalgic for since serving there in WWII. Raylon and the mafia hitmen follow Harry to Italy but who will find him first and who will make it back to the states alive?

Raylon’s personal history is different in the novels than on the TV series Justified but the personality of the character rings true.



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When the Women Come Out to Dance by Elmore Leonard, 288 pages, read by Tammy, on 03/28/2012

This short story collection contains “Fire in the Hole” the short story that the TV series Justified is based on. The characters and setting are taken from the short story but not all the details. Boyd Crowder is a more likeable fella in the tv show than he is in this story. Marshall Raylon Givens is still his laid back western hero-self trying to live and work in modern day Kentucky.

Some of the other stories are mysteries in that there is a crime involved and someone figures it out but others are just narratives of life. I think I liked Sparks the first story in the book the best. All have believable if not likeable characters.