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NPR: Laughter Therapy: a Comedy Collection for the Chronically Serious. by Sagal, Peter, 85 pages, read by Kira, on 11/10/2013

nprThought I’d try some high-brow humor.  It was light fare, nothing gut-splitting like Lewis Black, but lots of chuckles.  Plus there were a number of news stories, that eventually I decided they were fake ones like the Onion, but I wasn’t entirely sure, if they were reporting on stories, “Facts stranger than Fiction” sorta thing.  Joan Rivers and Phyllis Diller were the funniest (imho).npr

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Life as I Blow It by Sarah Colonna, 256 pages, read by Brian, on 08/06/2012

Anyone want to read a funny book?  Me too.  Unfortunately, Life as I Blow it, isn’t the funny book I’ve been looking for to cheer me up.  Sarah Colonna, a stand-up comedian from Arkansas who, on her good days can be amusing at best, writes a tale of her short life.  Having a lack of judgement, I thought maybe her book my be funnier then her stand-up.  I was wrong.  The title is a little amusing, doesn’t that count for something?  Granted, Sarah is talking about her mishaps in life, so I should give her break but I won’t because I never gave Chelsea Handler a break, so she won’t get one either.  If you are interested in a person who never really grew up and keeps making the same bad decisions over and over again…then this might be your book.  However, if you want entertainment or an interesting biography, check out my blog.

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Shoebox Greatest Hits and Misses by Dan Taylor, 229 pages, read by Brian, on 07/02/2012

Shoebox is a greeting card line from the Hallmark Company.  This division of the company tends to be the silly and funny side of Hallmark’s cards.  In 2006, Shoebox celebrated 20 years of hits and misses and probably could have been hits if it would have found the right audience. The humor ranges from adorable to raunchy but most are very funny.  If you want a funny read to and see what greeting cards you should have bought and missed, this is your book.  Very enjoyable.

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Sand in My Bra by Various, 194 pages, read by Brian, on 06/30/2012

Sand in My Bra is a book about the perils of traveling, the good, the bad and the funny.  Each story is told by a women and the stories capture scenes from around the World.  Famous women, such as, Ellen Degeneres, Christine Nielsen and others talk about such things as, being chased by African elephants, meeting the man of your dreams and being bitten by healer most of the stories are interesting and some are amusing.  For a quick entertaining read check this book out.

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I Am a Pole (And So Can You) by Stephen Colbert, 32 pages, read by Brian, on 06/17/2012

Stephen Colbert has written a warm, touching and sarcastic book about a pole trying to find the right profession.  You will laugh, cry and it may become a part of you if you are not careful.  I loved the book and I salute thee, Stephen for making me chuckle.