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Athlete vs. Mathlete: Double Dribble by W. C. Mack, 192 pages, read by Angie, on 11/06/2013

Owen and Russ have always been the only twins around. Even though they don’t look alike or act alike or like the same things, they are still the twins. Then the Matthews twins move to town. They are everything Owen and Russ are not. They are identical in every way: they dress alike, look alike, have the same interests and even finish each others sentences. They are completely ensink on the basketball court where they are dominating the team. Owen is very jealous that he is not the star player anymore and that his friends/teammates are idolizing the twins. Russ isn’t really happy about it either, but he is more willing to give them a chance.

I almost didn’t finish this one. Just seemed so clunky and hard to read. Maybe if I had read the first book in the series I would have been more invested, but I didn’t. So I thought Owen was a real jerk and completely unlikeable. I thought the storyline was totally improbable and the Matthews twins almost impossible. The conflict did seem real if overblown, but the reactions of the kids was just kind of crazy. I also thought the ending was too hurried and perfect. Not really a book I would recommend.