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Switched by Amanda Hocking, 318 pages, read by Angie, on 04/29/2012

Wendy just wants an ordinary life…something she has never had. Her dad died when she was five and her mom tried to kill her when she was six. Her mom never believed Wendy was really her child; she claimed she was a changeling and evil. Wendy has been raised by her brother Matt and her aunt Maggie. She doesn’t fit in and she is beginning to wonder if her mom was right. Then she meets Finn who confirms it. She is a changeling. In fact, she is a troll or Trylle and a princess and it is time for her to rejoin her people.

I had high hopes for this book; it seems like people really love it and rave about it. I am not sure what everyone saw in this book, but I didn’t see it. Wendy is whiny, manipulative, crabby and not really that likeable. I can see why she had no friends and had to use persuasion to get people to do what she wanted. The Trylle are just strange and not because they are trolls. The troll part is fine, the sending their children out to be raised by humans as part of a scam to get money is fine. What I don’t get is the fact that they bring Wendy back into the fold as their princess and queen-to-be and then expect her to know everything about how to act and by a Trylle with no training and no background knowledge and they punish her when she doesn’t know things. Bizarre! As in all teen books there is a romance angle and a bit of a love triangle. I don’t get the Finn/Wendy romance. Didn’t find it believable for the most part and the Rhys/Wendy bit was just dumb. Not sure why every boy had to have the hots for Wendy…see my previous comments about her whiny/crabbiness.

Do I think Amanda Hocking has done an amazing job…yes. She is very young and self-published and has made a ton of money. Great job! People seem to love her books. So far I have read two and am not that impressed but I do admire her; I just wish she was a little better.

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