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Summer of the Gypsy Moths by Sara Pennypacker, 288 pages, read by Angie, on 03/07/2013

Stella is living with her great aunt Louise in Cape Cod while her mom is off somewhere. Angel is a foster child taken in by Louise so that Stella will have a friend. Louise manages the a group of cottages for George. Stella and Angel don’t really get along or have anything in common except being parentless. Then something terrible happens, Louise dies. The girls decide not to report it because they don’t want to be sent away. Together they manage the cottages and keep everyone from finding out about Louise.

I like spunky young girl heroines and Stella and Angel definitely fit the bill. I like their ingenuity and determination. I think this book was beautifully written. However, I did find it completely unlikely that the girls could go as long as they did with no one finding out about Louise. I couldn’t believe George never once pushed to talk to her or that any of her friends and neighbors never thought it strange that she wasn’t around. So you really had to suspend your disbelief a bit to get around that part of the story. I did enjoy how everything worked out in the end though.

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