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Stay With Me by Paul Griffin, 304 pages, read by Courtney, on 10/31/2012

When Mack and Cece began working in the same restaurant, they never thought they’d be falling in love. Mack is quiet and has difficulty looking anyone in the eye. He also has a record, which he is certain will prevent anything good from happening in his life. Cece is a hard-working girl who hopes her studying will be her ticket out of her life. Mack’s saving grace is his habit of pit bull rescue. It’s the only thing that makes him feel calm. That and his best friend, Anthony, who also happens to be Cece’s brother. Cece hates dogs, but loves her brother dearly. When Anthony decides to enlist in the military, everyone is rattled. Anthony asks Mack to keep an eye on his sister for him and tells Cece to accept Mack’s company. Fortunately, Mack and Cece have started to realize that they have a genuine connection. Mack is even able to cure Cece’s fear of dogs by introducing her to his newest rescue, a pit that he has personally trained and intends to give to Cece and her family.
It’s all very sweet and the pair are happier than they’ve ever been. Until the the unthinkable happens and Mack finds himself in jail, this time for up to 25 years. Cece is heartbroken and Mack, hoping that Cece will move on, refuses to let her see him in jail.
This is a truly heartbreaking story. Mack and Cece have not had easy lives, so to see them lose what means the most to them is tough on the reader. Even tougher is the whole dog-rescue animal. As a major dog-lover, I was close to tears more than once. The ending was a bit on the predictable side, but readers will certain latch on to these characters and their situations.

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