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Songs of love & death : tales of star-crossed love by George R.R. Martin, 643 pages, read by Kira, on 02/29/2012

Songs of love & deathI really liked some of the tales.  His Wolf by Lisa Tuttle, was my favorite – what an idyllic life (well sorta).  I wasn’t thrilled with Neil Gaiman’s The Thing About Cassandra (but at least it wasn’t another woman being victimized), but I need to remember that he can do horror, not all he writes if purely fantasy.  Jim Butcher’s Love Hurts had more of that romance with Harry Dresden and Murphy (should be Susan Gonzalez – argh).  Robin Hobbs’ Blue Boots was very nice – quaint, everything ringing true for the setup.  I didn’t quite understand “After the Blood” unless it was basically the same “I am Legend” by Richard Matheson (on which Omega Man movie was based).    Tanith Lee’s Under/Above the Water seemed to resonate with Asian notions of life and rebirth.

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