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Singing Over Me by Danielle C. Stammer, 103 pages, read by Brian, on 09/13/2012

On May 22, 2011, an EF-5 Tornado struck Joplin, Missouri destroying much of the community.  Danielle C. Stammer retells her amazing story  as she and her family barely escape, as some call it, “The Finger of God”.  This book will tug at your heart.  You feel for the family as you try to imagine the horror they went through and how they rebuild their lives from not one but two tragedies. I enjoyed the book but miss the detail.  The book seems hurried and not fully thought out.  I’m sure hearing Danielle in person would be a special treat.  The book needed to be written for no other reason then to release the emotional energy trapped inside Stammer.  Danielle and family have relocated to Jefferson City, Missouri.

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