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Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness, 377 pages, read by Tracy, on 07/21/2012

After reading “A Discovery of Witches” I was really happy to hear it was part of a trilogy. I’m not really into vampire stories but this one is different. Diana Bishop is a witch who hasn’t been trained to use her powers. Until she met and fell in love with Matthew Clairmont, a vampire, she led a  quiet life. They meet in the first book and decide to do some time traveling so she could find a witch to help her control her powers. That’s where this book starts when they arrive in Elizabethan England. Since vampires live a long time Matthew was already known in this time period and had many friends and enemies. It’s a long story with lots of interesting characters, some true some fictional. They also are searching for a book Ashmole 782 that is missing pages and seems to be alive.I  enjoyed the authors description of the clothing that people wore in that era. Of course the women had to suffer all the layers and heavy cloth that the fashion in those day required. At least they were warmer.

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