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Shadow of night by Deborah Harkness., 584 pages, read by Kira, on 01/27/2013

shadow of nightThe adventures of Diana Bishop Royden de Clairmont, Oxford scholar and reluctant witch, continue, as she and husband Matthew time travel back to Elizabethan England.  Diana seeks a witch to tutor her, and they also search for the lost book Ashmole 782.

The time period is less friendly to women, and at first, it seemed like Diana was needing to be rescued and taken care of too much, but then, the she would take some risky action that you thought would be problematic, but turned out to be the correct solution, standing up to Mathew on numerous occasions.


I enjoyed visiting with historical characters such as Kit Marlowe and Walter Raleigh from the School of Night as well as traveling to Prague and the court of Rudolf II, the holy Roman emperor and king of Bohemia.

I also enjoyed the consequences of time travel showing up in small modern day changes.



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