04. December 2013 · Comments Off · Categories: Adult Books, Courtney, Graphic Novel, Horror

Severed by Scott Snyder, 192 pages, read by Courtney, on 11/17/2013

A young orphan is stalked by cannibalistic, sharp-toothed psycho. Set in the early 20th, this comic is slightly reminiscent of Snyder’s other work, American Vampire. Unfortunately, the characters here are nowhere near as memorable or interesting as those in some of Snyder’s other work. While Severed is billed as being super scary, it’s really not all that horrifying. It’s not because the artwork is lacking, rather because the story itself is rather pedestrian. There’s really nothing all that original going on here. What really redeems the comic is the artwork itself, which is nearly perfect and absolutely lends itself not only to the tone of the story, but creates atmosphere where the story is lacking in it. A serviceable entry in the horror comic genre.

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