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Seeing Cinderella by Jenny Lundquist, 240 pages, read by Angie, on 07/07/2012

Callie is starting 7th grade at a new school. She is ready for a new start. But she finds out she has to get glasses. As if her red frizzy hair and freckles aren’t enough, now she has to wear big dorky glasses! But these aren’t just any glasses; when she puts them on she sees bubbles over people’s heads that show their thoughts. Her glasses let her read people’s minds! Suddenly she knows what her best friend, her crush, her mom and everyone else thinks. But knowing what others think isn’t always a good thing. Callie must learn to navigate junior high and everything that goes along with it and figure out how to deal with the power of the glasses.

Oh 7th grade, what a terrible time for girls. Your body is changing, your emotions are changing, your friends are changing, suddenly boys become important…Callie does a great job of embodying all I remember about being in 7th grade. Of course, I didn’t have magic glasses to tell me what everyone was thinking. Callie has to deal with her best friend who is suddenly not such a good friend afterall. She starts hanging out with new people and taking advantage of Callie. She has to deal with her parents splitting up and her dad not being around. And she has to deal with her new friend Ana who is definitely hiding something from her.

I really enjoyed Callie’s journey in this book. She starts out as a very self-conscious loner who is afraid of making friends and talking to new people and ends up more self-assured and confident in who she is. She also learns that you can’t always trust your first impressions of people and your true friends are those that act like friends and don’t take advantage of you. And she learns that everyone has secrets and no one says exactly what they are thinking. The magic glasses helped her realize all of this but in the end she realized she didn’t need the glasses anymore. She had grown enough to live without them. Callie is a very special character and one that was a joy to read about. I highly recommend this book.

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