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Secrets at Sea by Richard Peck, 238 pages, read by Angie, on 09/28/2012

Helena is the eldest sister looking out for her siblings Bernice, Louise and Lamont. They are an old family, older than the Upstairs Cranstons, the human family that lives in their house. Helena is always worrying about her siblings: Lamont likes to run wild, Bernice is a dreamer and Louise is attached to Camilla, the youngest Cranston. Then the Upstairs Cranstons decide they are leaving for Europe to find a husband for oldest daughter Olive. What are the mice to do? Well go with them of course! Even though mice are afraid of water, the Cranston mice pack themselves away and set sail for Europe. On board the ship they are introduced to a whole new way of life. Their are royal mice on board and Helena and her family are responsible for helping their humans make the right connections. There is adventure and romance on board ship.

This book was a little slow for me. The adventures don’t really take off until the mice are on board the ship 2/3 of the way through the book. I like the mouse society that is on the ship. I thought it was fun the way mouse society mirrored human society and how a mouses fortunes depend on the fortunes of their humans. Not a bad book just a bit of a quieter story than I would have liked.

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