22. February 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Fantasy, Fiction, Melody H

Second Grave from the Left by Darynda Jones, 307 pages, read by Melody, on 02/21/2012

Second Grave on the Left is the second in a series of which I have not read the first.  Perhaps I would have liked the book more if I had.  The heroine, Charley Davidson, is a private investigator who is also the Grim Reaper.  Besides solving very human cases, she finds ghosts and sends them to the great beyond.  Charley is also romantically involved with the son of Satan who was born into the human world just to meet her but who murdered his abusive father so he is in prison  but can leave his body and astrally project and have sex with her.  Wheh, that’s a lot going on.  That is my summation of this book, a lot going on.  I found it to be a very busy read, some things worked well and others seemed to just be tossed into the mix.  I liked it well enough to finish  but not enough to read the first book.

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