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Sebastian (Ephemera #1) by Anne Bishop, 436 pages, read by Angie, on 05/06/2012

Ephemera is a shattered world of broken landscapes connected by bridges. A war long ago with the Eater of the World shattered the world. Now Landscapers and Bridges hold the world together. To get from one landscape to another you have to find a bridge and sometimes you are unable to cross if your heart does not resonate with that landscape for Ephemera is a living world and can be shaped by heart’s desire.

Belladonna is the most powerful Landscaper; she can do things no other landscaper can do and for that she is shunned and declare rogue. Sebastian is an incubus who lives in the Den of Iniquity, a landscape created by Belladonna specifically so he could have a home. It is a nighttime playground for those looking for a good time (think a little naughtier Vegas). As an incubus Sebastian trolls dreams and one night he hears someone asking for help for a place to be safe and he tells her to come to him. Soon Lynnea finds her way into the Den. She doesn’t fit in but there is something about her that Sebastian can’t resist. And in the Den Lynnea finds her strength and her heart; she becomes who she is meant and she finds love with Sebastian.

But all is not well in Ephemera. The Eater of the World has escaped is prison. He kills all the Landscapers and Bridges except Belladonna. She alone must hold onto the world and try to stop It from spreading darkness throughout the land. Unfortunately, the Wizards in Wizard City don’t want to believe the Eater is free and blame Belladonna for all the troubles. They try to use Sebastian to capture Belladonna.

I really enjoy Anne Bishop books and this one does not disappoint. Ephemera is an intriguing land with all its broken landscapes that resonate with different people. I like the idea that you have to find a place that fits you and that other places might reject you because of what is in your heart. It is a wonderful concept. The characters fit the landscape as well. Sebastian with is dark incubus powers but his desire for a home and love. Lynnea the little mouse who becomes the tigress when she finds her home. Belladonna so strong, trying to balance the fate of the world. Lee the bridge that hold them all together. Koltak, the wizard, ashamed to have fathered an incubus son (Sebastian) but so blinded by ambition that he doesn’t see the darkness around him. I loved it all. Wonderful series!

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