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Scored by Lauren McLaughlin , 240 pages, read by Angie, on 09/03/2012

Imani lives in a world were everything is monitored. Her town is part of a pilot program for ScoreCorp. Kids are monitored and scored throughout their school years. Their score determines what they are going to do in live. Lowbies will have a hard time finding work, middle numbers can do menial jobs, and if you are one of the lucky 90s your success is guaranteed. You get a college scholarship and a chance at a better life. Imani was a 92 but then her friend’s life imploded and she is caught in the destruction. Suddenly she finds herself with a 62 and no prospects. Her plans for her future are crumbling around her. She has to learn to cope and figure out what she is going to do.

I love dystopians that make you think and this one is a thinker. The Score has taken over these kids lives. Everything they do is about their score; who they talk to, who they sit with at lunch, what they do in their free time. The Eyes watch them and judge them always. I really enjoyed the discussions about societal merit systems and chastes and how the Score compares to slavery or women’s rights. I like Imani’s journey as she learns more about the Score and the role it plays in society. However, I do wish we would have learned more about how it actually works. This is a really short book (and easy to read) so there would have been room for more exploration of how ScoreCorp actually determines the scores and such. As much as I liked Imani’s journey and development I did think it was a little predictable. Her friendship with Diego was a great way for her to become more self-aware but you could see the ending coming. However, it is a great little dystopian and fun to read.

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