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Savvy by Ingrid Law, 342 pages, read by Angie, on 11/06/2012

Mibs Beaumont (short for Mississippi) is really looking forward to her 13th birthday and her savvy. All the Beaumonts are special; when they turn 13 they get a savvy. Her grandpa Bomba can make land, her grandma Dollop could gather the airwaves to her, her mom does everything perfectly, her brother Rocket makes electricity, and her brother Fish can create the weather. Only her poppa is without a Savvy. Then her poppa is a in a car accident and in the hospital. Mom and Rocket rush to be with him and leave the rest of the family home with Grandpa Bomba. In to their lives comes the preacher’s wife. She invades the house and starts taking care of everybody even if they don’t want it. Instead of the quiet birthday with family Mibs wants, she gets a full-blown party at the church with everyone she from school. Mibs can’t take it and decides she has to get to Salina to be with poppa. She hides out on a big pink bible sales bus, but she is not the only stowaway. Fish and her other brother Samson join her on the bus as well as the preacher’s kids Bobbi and Will Jr. Bobbi is a typical teen with a crush on Rocket, but is really lonely. Will Jr. is the same age as Fish and has a secret.

Mibs, Fish, Samson, Bobbi and Will along with the bus driver Lester and hitchhiker Lil embark on a journey delivering bibles, gaining strength in themselves and discovering who they really are and what they are capable of. Mibs learns what her savvy is and how to use it. Fish finally learns to scumble his savvy and not let it control him. Bobbi loosens up and learns to be a real friend. And Will tells his secret and opens up to Mibs. They finally do make it to Salina Hope Hospital and Poppa.

This story is a wonderful journey of self-discovery. I really enjoyed all the characters and their savvys. I thought Law did a great job creating a story that was interesting, different and fun. Mibs is a typically young girl; she has problems at school and at home. She wants to do so much but is not always successful in her attempts. I really enjoyed the family relationships in this book. Little Samson really steals the show in the book! I listened to the audiobook and the narrator does a great job. I will definitely have to check out Scumble.

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