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Saving Armpit by Natalie Hyde , 160 pages, read by Angie, on 11/13/2012

Saving ArmpitHarmony Point is a losing town. None of their sports teams win, they are being swallowed up by a megacity, and even their town sign has been vandalized (it now reads Arm Pit). The Terriers are the town little league team and they haven’t won a game in years; they also don’t hit or really score at all. But this year they have a new coach, Mr. Blackmore the postmaster. He actually knows something about baseball and the team actually starts doing better. Then they find out that the post office may be closed and mail sent to the city. They decide to embark on a scheme to flood the post office with letters so it can’t be closed down. Their campaign works as the town is inundated with free magazines, recipes and information. They are even able to get some things done for the town. They get the roads paved, sponsorship and uniforms for the team, an area protected for a rare bird, a new playground and even a new town sign. And they have actually won a couple of games too.

This is a fun quick read. The kids are all well done and typical kids. I loved how their efforts to keep their coach actually benefit the whole town. It is really remarkable to see kids taking such an interest and to realize what can be accomplished when you just speak up. There is a lot of baseball in the book but it is not heavy handed or too technical so even non-sports fans can still enjoy this one.

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